Our Work



Strategy+ , R&D, Market Execution, and Community Development


Social enterprise business models, decentralized applications(dApps) complimentary economics,  “gameification”, crypto-properties, and urban regeneration.


BURG – Coming Soon

BURG is a localized advertising economy that integrates, chatbots, micro-influencer programs, crowdfunds and loyalty points to generate a circular economic model for social enterprise.

Business Plan is currently under review and materials will be made available shortly after Pre-Alpha feedback.

Contact susanmills@fifthweb.net to request details.

The RChain Cooperative – Building the Scalable Blockchain

RChain is a distributed ledger project working towards scalable blockchain solutions by re-engineering a full tech stack including Rholang, the smart contracting language. Github Document References

Services: Strategy and Market Execution, “Gamification” for Community Development

Raincube.io – Water Smarter

Raincube.io’s goal is to provide 1 Trillion Gallons of Rainwater storage capacity globally, interconnected through their decentralized application “The Internet of Rain” and introducing a sustainable complimentary currency “Raincoin” with rainwater backed economics.

Services: R&D and Strategic Planning, Research and Content – “Internet of Rain” paper, Research and Content – “Raincoin: Rainwater Economics for Sustainability”  paper, and Market Execution.

Ageofchains.com – Blockchain enabled trading card game

Age of Chains is a trading card game that is leveraging blockchain technology to distribute each card as its own “crypto-property” and are positioned to become of the first “mainstream” companies within the space.

Services: “Gameification” of community development, Product testing, and Market Execution – Lead generation